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About us

From its very foundation in 1962., the main work of Nazor has been organizing travel for children and young people in the form of one-day or several days trips, to Nazor facilities on the coast and inland.

The range of Nazor programmes consits of:
  • Programmes related to the pre-school and school system (kindergarten groups, various forms of field trips and educational courses for elementary schools,  School in Nature and school outings
  • Programmes for leisure time activities for children and young people (winter, spring and summer holidays)
  • Programmes aimed at sports clubs for children and young people (various sporting camps, preparation training, sporting competitions)
  • Programmes in conjunction with children from other European countries (international camp in Savudrija)
  • specialized programs to meet individual requirements
In his work Nazor held principle that children should have the right to a carefree holiday, joyful moments and free opportunity to socialize with other children. All programs are an excellent way for their involvement in the social life of the group, referring to each other, releasing creativity and call to action. At the same time applications are driving the need for movement and wear the excess energy. Games, education, sport and relaxation are also carried out outdoors, in the Mediterranean, continental or alpine climate.

In 1962 the then Zagreb City Assembly fouded the company Vladimir Nazor as an institution for organizing leisure activities for children and young people. To that end, fund for the welfare of children were used to built holiday facilities on the Croatian Adriatic coast (in Savudrija, Duga Uvala, Veli Lošinj, Crikvenica, Skradin and Punat) and in the mountains, (in Skrad and Kranjska Gora - now in neighbouring Slovenia) and later in the City of Zagreb itself (Grad mladih Granešina - Youth City, and the Arena Hostel Remetinec ).
In the 1960's nad 70's the holiday homes and hostels functioned as part of Zagreb's social politics and in the 1990's as a partner to the education system, with field trips run over several days known as School in Nature, which are stil run today on the recommendation of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport in conjunction with the Office for Education, Sport and Culture of the City of Zagreb for pupils in their fourth year of elementary school in Zagreb.
In its 49 years of work, Nazor  has gone through a variety of organizational forms, from institution to commercial company, and today it operates as one of the branches of Zagreb City Holding.