About Nazor


Vladimir Nazor is a subsidiary of Zagreb Holding, which has been successfully organizing trips for children and young adults for the last 60 years.

Our own locations, in Zagreb and on the coast, give us the opportunity to carry out:

  • Programmes related to the preschool and school system (ŠUŠ, ŠUP, prom trips...)
  • Programmes that take place during school holidays (summer holidays and skiing for children and young adults)
  • Programmes designed for families and their free time (family trips and children's birthday celebrations)
  • Sports-oriented programmes for children and young adults through sports camps, preparations, competitions and the like
  • Programs for the elderly

The number of 30,000 satisfied children who go through our numerous programmes every year is a guarantee that we are doing our job very well, but above all, with our whole heart.

In collaboration with our external associates, who are in charge of games and sports, we encourage children to take action and unleash their creativity.

The goals of each of our programmes are:
- Carefree holiday through socializing with other children
- Creating unforgettable moments that will be remembered for a lifetime

Visit us and find out for yourself why Nazor has been writing the most beautiful #UnforgettableStory since 1962.